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Consultation and Training Programs

SHAH FARMS is not only manufacture the honey but also furnish the consultation and training programs for new inducts in honey industry and Less-aware of the honey beekeeping process. We launch the different project like as:
  • Turn-key projects for social and community organizations
  • Equipment manufacturing & queen production
  • Technology transfer to women Beekeepers
  • Provide marketing system
  • Facilitate in all technical Matters

We further illustrate the training programs and consultation services, which require to be updated to every beekeeper at every seasonally and quarterly basis as depicted below.

Honeybees and their Life

  • Planning an apiary in Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Honeybees Disease
  • Production of Brood and Honey
  • Honeybee (apis mellifera)
  • Enemies of Honeybees
  • Honeybee Swarming
  • Honeybee Metamorphosis
  • Beekeeping Equipments
  • Hive Products
  • Queen Honeybee
  • Pollination

Getting Started in Beekeeping

  • Preparing for the Bees
  • Assembling Hive Hardware
  • Installing Your New Hives

Hives and Beekeeping Equipment

  • Apiary
  • Basic Beekeeping Equipment
  • Bee Hives
  • Honey processing kit

Best Beekeeping Practices

  • Apiary Site
  • Feeding and Watering
  • Inspecting the Frames
  • Lighting the Smoker
  • Maintaining the Apiary
  • Opening and Feeding the Hive
  • Transportation of bees in Pakistan
  • Periodic Apiary Inspections
  • Pollen Substitutes vs. Supplements
  • Preparing to Visit the Apiary
  • Honey Harvest

Diseases, Pests & Treatments

  • American foulbrood
  • Honeybee Medications
  • Small Hive Beetle (SHB)
  • Wasps
  • Wax Moths

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