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Services by SFB

SHAH FARMS is playing a vital role of marketing coordinators (which is called by SHAH FARMS Board SFB) in between bee keepers and honey markets of i-e industrial honey consumers and table honey consumers through Agri Business Development Services (ABDS).

SFB through its staff at main project area conduct research, advertising, exhibition and promotional programs to help maintain and expand domestic and foreign markets for honey. The board is designed to lift the awareness and use of the honey by the consumer, the food services industries and food manufacturers. The SFB strategic plan and programs are highlighted at different areas to impart the marketing knowledge in various environments. There are marketing tactics, which use in during the training course.

Type of item

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Current SFB promotional marketing tools for industry Ideas and material

Statistical Analyses

Honey production by farms, Assessment info, Reports by country colony and yields

Industry News

Web News, Bee News, Market News

Personal Assessment Record

Assessment YOU paid reports to SFB


PRIDE package, How to Keep your Honey Naturally Safe Brochure, USDA grade Standards, HACCP, General Analytical Service Organizations

Beekeeping Research

Honey Information kit, Fact sheets, Research Summaries,

Market Research

Use and Attitude Studies, Packaging Studies, Market Trends

Industry Information

Honey Suppliers, Honey Association, Statistical Analyses, How to information

How to start

Online marketing kit, Quick how to start a small Bee keeping business

Export Assistance

General Exporting Information, Government Trade Office, Agricultures Export Contacts

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